The Shaman Speaks

About This Book

Table of contents

Chapter 1:  Committing To The Path

* Why study Shamanism?   

* Am I ready to become a healer?   

* Where am I supposed to make room in my life to study any spiritual practice?   

*    Is there anyone to help me do this work?  

* What is the most important quality to nurture?  

* Does a person need an initiation to be a Shaman?  

* Every time I try to walk my path as a healer something gets in the way. Why is that and what can I do about it? 

* Is meditation required in Shamanism? 


Chapter 2:  Energy Signatures 

* What is an energy signature?   

* Does a crystal have its own energy? 

* Are spirit guides the same as totems?  

* Do you hear voices?  

* What of the earth’s trembling?  

* How come I am feeling more physical sensations in my body as I study energy signatures?   

Chapter 3:  Talismans and Tools of The Shaman 

* What is a power song and where do I get one?  

* What is a medicine bag and how do I make mine?  

* What is a prayer tree?  

* The Medicine Wheel in Europe

* What do animals tell us?  

* When you refer to the talismans (i.e. stones, feathers, etc) being presented to us, do you mean on our inner journeys or in the physical world?   

*  What is a talking stick?   

* Do most people require physical symbols to accept that someone is able to perform a healing and to display that the healing act has been performed?   

Chapter 4:  Safety and Protection 

* How do I stay safe in this reality and in others? 

* Can you give me a surefire way to be grounded and protected? 

* Should I fear studying Shamanism? 

* I have visions. Is that good? 

* Can you describe how you communicate with your guides and teachers?  

Chapter 5:  Traditional Shamanic Wisdom 

* My questions today center around “power” and “grace”. Can you explain what "grace" is?  

*What is the deal with good versus bad?  

* I realize I am human but I have a hard time when it comes to forgiveness.  

* You frequently use the terms “Causal” and “Atmic”. What do they mean?   

* Is there a parallel between Buddhism and Shamanism?   

* How does the Shaman define soul and spirit? Is there a difference in terms of religious definitions?  

*What good are emotions?  

*What does personal power have to do with Shamanism?  

* What do you mean by the word “intent”? 

Chapter 6:  Standing In Your Power

* How would you say one develops personal power?  

*I feel I am here to help heal the rifts in Mother Earth’s energies. Can you tell me how to go about this?  

* How do I manage my time and balance myself in this hectic world?  

* Why do all these difficult experiences keep happening to me?  

* Do I control my emotions or do they control me?   

* I have the sensation of swimming or flying up to a different point in time. Is this some sort of Shamanic experience, or am I just dissociating from stress? 

* I have a hard time staying focused. Any suggestions?  

* What does a Shaman know that most people don’t? 

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