The Shaman Speaks

The Shaman Speaks by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls

Forty four questions are answered through the eyes of Shaman Elder Maggie who has practiced for over 50 years her centuries old family lineage of Traditional Shamanism, trained by her own Shaman Grandmother.
See your life from a Traditional Shamanic perspective and eliminate the fears and problems that interfere with your own happiness. The questions in this book come from the thousands of emails that Shaman Elder Maggie receives through her internet course and her free counseling service online at

*Discover the truth of your own energy and how to use it to your favor

*Learn how to stand in your power and be captain of your own ship

*Practice exercises you can use to bring balance to your life

*Find the spiritual joy in living

*Discover ways to practice mental awareness so you never get blindsided again

*Create physical health for yourself and those you love

*Improve your own life by adopting ancient Traditional Shamanic principles that anyone can learn in this book.


The path of the Shaman is one of transformation, from brokenness to wholeness, from illness to health, from darkness to light. The Shaman Speaks gives you the power to transform your life through simple explanations, exercises and jewels of Shamanic wisdom.


“We all have shamanic skills and abilities within our nature. They are just buried somewhere deep in people’s hearts. Here too, lies our power to take control of our lives, our realities, and create what we truly want for ourselves. If you are willing to see things through the eyes of a Shaman:

  • many things make sense that did not before,
  • many things are no longer problems,
    • prosperity is not very far away,
    • healing is within your hands,
    • joy is not only available to you but abundant in your life.
  • This is what I teach in my online course, Shaman Apprenticeship 101. Hundreds of people from all around the world have studied with me and found their own power and ability to make their lives what they wish them to be. This book provides simple, effective answers to the most commonly asked questions from my students. I know it will answer your questions, too, like precious  jewels scattered at your front door. Pick them up and be rich! ” – Shaman Elder Maggie

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 Learn Traditional Shamanic answers to the problems of life today from this Traditional Elder Shaman who has been walking the path of her own ancestors for over 55 years and has taught thousands of people and been published in hundreds of resources including her own book called “The Shaman Speaks”.

Simply begin a monthly subscription with PayPal here and attend the live online lecture series webinars each week on Monday at 9PM EDST for 45 minutes. There will always be a question and answer segment for you to interact personally if you choose.

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Each lecture and each FREE lesson will actually give you knowledge you can immediately use to uplift your own life, if you choose.

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What subscribers are saying:
“The energies that she offers her subscribers are amazing!” – LZ,  Arizona

 “ Just listening to her talk made my depression completely disappear!”  - AG, New Jersey

“I was stressed out at first but by the time the lecture had ended I had not only learned something I never knew, but I felt like a million dollars!” –BD, New York

“Shaman Maggie explained why people treat other people so poorly. It all makes sense now!” – PH, Maine

“No wonder I felt deprived! Shaman Maggie showed me why and that it was not necessary at all!”- DW, Florida

“I have gained more form these lectures than from any book I have read, ever!” – PM, England

“Its so nice to get to know her personally. You can tell she is the real deal in just one listen.” SH, Wyoming

“I have paid $200 for a lecture series that didn’t have what one week has here!” RF, California

The Shaman Speaks (paperback autographed by Shaman Elder Maggie)

$ 13.95 USD


You will feel as though you are having a private interview with one of the most beloved Shamans counseling and teaching in America today! She is talking to your heart and your mind about things that most concern you.  She is showing you how she has used her skills as a Shaman to bring Light and Spirit and Joy into her life and how to bring these gifts into your own life. She writes with a heart filled with love and Light and healing and wisdom. Just reading this book can bring you that same lightness of being. Shaman Maggie is about healing. Everything she does brings healing. This book is a compilation of healing words, of counseling and hope that modern America is completely missing out on by not having Shamans anymore.

 Paperback, autographed copy, collectible!
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The Shaman Speaks, by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls, is a non-fiction goldmine of questions and answers regarding life, living, and power.  As Wahls makes completely clear, this is not about Shamanism, but rather the teaching of the art of living and the difficult questions that generally go unanswered in the process.  Transport yourself back to your school days.  How many times did you contemplate asking a question?  How many times did you ask it?  How many times did the teacher invite students to ask questions because other students would likely have the same questions?  This non-fiction guide is much like that—a sort of solutions manual to the myriad questions that come up along this journey we call life.

Shaman Elder Wahls’ purpose in writing this non-fiction work was essentially to present a view of modern day problems and thinking from an ancient shamanic perspective taught to her by her own family lineage.  Although the book is essentially a laundry list of questions that are asked by students, the writing style and the chronology of the questions give the text a decidedly unified form.

The book rallies around the theme of making use of one’s energy and time by focusing on the more practical aspects of life.  In other words, stop dwelling on petty issues that infuse the individual with nothing more than negative energy.

While spiritual joy is something that can be attained from this book, it is impossible to fully quantify what this book can deliver to its reader.  However, the author leaves no stones unturned in creating an aura of belief—belief in the power of healing and the power of the mind. 


The Shaman Speaks is undoubtedly an interesting read with an abundance of thought-provoking elements.  It contains chapters on Safety and Protection, Standing in Your Power, and Energy Signatures.  Ultimately, this book reveals ancient, age-old strategies and methods for attacking the problems that every man/woman is faced with in today’s society.

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