The Shaman Speaks

Now, for the first time ever, A Traditional Indigenous Shaman gives you the answers you have always wondered about!


Learn how a Shaman lovingly counsels her students through this confusing and frustrating world using Shamanic skills and abilities. Reading this ebook is like sitting in a classroom listening to Teacher Shaman Maggie answer hard and real questions from you, your friends and neighbors with her incredible love and wisdom, humor and compassion. She leaves us all with a new perspective and solid methods to view this world in a way that works for each of us. 

Forty four questions everyone wants to ask a Shaman about life.  

Answers you can use today! 

Exercises to try at home! 

Unhappy? Lacking abundance? Things not going your way? 

Finally the ancient answers are brought to life through the amazing teachings of traditional Shamanism 

Shaman Elder Maggie has been a traditional Shaman for over 50 years. She has spent her life walking the way of the Shaman as she was taught by her grandmother from a long line of indigenous Shamans over 400 years old. Her whole life has been seen through her Shamanic eyes. She also lives in this modern world with all of you and in this book addresses the issues common to all modern people.  

How can an ancient practice bring fresh answers to today’s society? The old truths that have been with man since the beginning of time have not changed. Shaman Elder Maggie takes the ancient truths and applies them to modern living. She shows you how to use these truths to bring joy, peace, abundance and happiness into your life. She brings traditional Shamanism into the 21st Century for all people.


The path of the Shaman is one of transformation, from brokenness to wholeness, from illness to health, from darkness to light. The Shaman Speaks gives you the power to transform your life through simple explanations, exercises and jewels of Shamanic wisdom.  

“We all have shamanic skills and abilities within our nature. They are just buried somewhere deep in people’s hearts. Here too, lies our power to take control of our lives, our realities, and create what we truly want for ourselves. If you are willing to see things through the eyes of a Shaman:

  • many things make sense that did not before,
  • many things are no longer problems,
  • prosperity is not very far away,
  • healing is within your hands,
  • joy is not only available to you but abundant in your life.

This is what I teach in my online course, Shaman Apprenticeship 101. Hundreds of people from all around the world have studied with me and found their own power and ability to make their lives what they wish them to be. This book provides simple, effective answers to the most commonly asked questions from my students. I know it will answer your questions, too, like precious  jewels scattered at your front door. Pick them up and be rich! ” – Shaman Elder Maggie

 Some of the questions are: 

  • Why do all these difficult experiences keep happening to me? 
  • How do I manage my time and balance myself in this hectic world? 
  • My questions today center around power and grace. Can you explain what "grace" is?  
  • I realize I am human but I have a hard time when it comes to forgiveness. 
  • What do animals tell us?  
  • What does personal power have to do with Shamanism? 
  • What is the most important quality to nurture? 
  • Can you describe how you communicate with your guides and teachers? 
  • Every time I try to walk my path as a healer something gets in the way. Why is that and what can I do about it?  

Just a few of the 44 questions that are answered in this book!  

This is your chance to “Come Walk with A Shaman”!  

You will feel as though you are having a private interview with one of the most beloved Shamans counseling and teaching in America today! She is talking to your heart and your mind about things that most concern you.  She is showing you how she has used her skills as a Shaman to bring Light and Spirit and Joy into her life and how to bring these gifts into your own life. She writes with a heart filled with love and Light and healing and wisdom. Just reading this book can bring you that same lightness of being. Shaman Maggie is about healing. Everything she does brings healing. This book is a compilation of healing words, of counseling and hope that modern America is completely missing out on by not having Shamans anymore.  

Shaman Maggie seeks not only to keep the old truths alive for all of us but also to share what her lineage and all Shamans around the world know to be true. If knowledge can set you free, then the keys to your jail cell rest right inside these teachings.  

Be warned that if you take to heart what is taught in this book, your life will definitely change for the better! The choice for happiness is yours. 


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“I don't know how many lives and loves you have saved or helped heal but you have done both here with us. Bless you! Namaste.”-Felicia Dale.


“I realize that your purpose is to show me how to find the answers within myself, which of course you knew all along. I know what it means to be a teacher now. In a sense, Creator has taught you the way to teach me to become my own teacher. You truly are wise, Shaman Elder Maggie.” -John


“These teachings have made such a difference with me in my life that they have become apparent to the people that are around me. I had another friend just today comment on the changes in me and the growth that I have incurred over the last few months. I so thank you for those wisdoms.” - Melinda De Marb


“I have to thank you here. You have been a great inspiration to me.  You have introduced me to my guides and you have started me on the journey to heal myself. What a wonderful gift you have given me! It is astonishing to see the changes I am creating in my life with all this new knowledge about myself. The old beliefs that no longer work for me are so apparent now. Slowing down and creating more time for me is becoming easier.  Thank You!!!” - Toni Sessions


“I just want you to know that your teaching me will never be wasted. You have touched us all in ways that you could never comprehend. It is like dropping a pebble in a pool, it goes on forever.”  - Angie


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